Preservation Through Protection

We are a community of plant breeders, cultivators, researchers, Indigenous Peoples, educators, consumers, creators, and artists. We are especially interested in protecting plants as a public good and supporting an economy and commons that can interface diverse communities with the broader genomics, pharmaceutical, and food production economies.

We are alarmed by the rapid decrease in biodiversity across the planet and believe that urgent intervention must be made to promote a sustainable, biodiverse, and resilient ecology.

Preservation Through Community Art


We are collaborating with Pro Arts Commons and YOU to plant and grow the CommuniTree: a visual display of the Copyleft community’s breeding artistry. Through compiling photos of the leaves of Freedom Bag Tag protected hemp cultivars, we will interconnect them into a tree image that will showcase the diversity and beauty of Copyleft protected open source hemp, and allowing breeders to receive credit publicly (if they would like). This project is an exciting fusion of the artistic skills of farmer-breeders, community open art, and open science!

Upload function coming soon.

Freedom Bag Tag

We are ecstatic to release the first ever community created Copyleft bag tag that assures freedom of use for hemp/cannabis cultivars and the people who make and use them. It also assures that any genetic data sequenced from bag tag labeled lines will be published publicly for the benefit of everyone in the community. Simply print these terms to add to your seed bags, or print them directly on your own seed packet labels before release of the seeds. We will soon be offering premade stickers to place on any package of seeds that you have created. Seeds must be your own original work. Freedom bag tag text must be visible on seed packets to assure protection.


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